6 Different Types Of Dirt Bike Racing In 2022

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Like other sports cricket, football and golf dirt bike riding is not confined to a single ground and the same experience, techniques, and skills. Today we are going to discuss 6 different types of dirt bike racing. It is a very vast sport and has access to different types of tracks and terrains. You can enjoy a variety of riding tracks.

There are different types of dirt bike riding and racing like enduro, supercross, motocross, arenacross, freestyle, and hare scramble. Each rider selects according to his own taste and skill. There are some expert riders who have exceptional skills in riding a dirt bike in all types of racing and some are confined to one or two.

Below are 6 different dirt bike racing:

  • Enduro
  • Supercross
  • Motocross
  • Arenacross
  • Freestyle
  • Hare Scramble

Motocross is very comfortable and easy to start riding. New kids can start their career in riding from motocross (Read out about some Best Dirt bikes for Kids). Here we will discuss all these racing and ridings one by one.

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Different Types Of Dirt Bike Racing

Below are 6 different types of races with their details:

1. Enduro

The word enduro is from endurance which means the ability to endure difficulties, obstacles, and tough situations without giving way. Such competitions are organized on natural terrains like over logs, rocks, creeks, and other such places. A rider has to face a lot of hurdles in endure like low-hanging trees and branches coming in their way and all this is natural.  The trail is natural although it is marked. A set of protective gear, like a dirt bike helmet, protective dirt bike pants, goggles, chest protector, knee guard, etc. are the common gears that you must have to wear in an enduro race.

Like other racing in enduro, it is not about crossing the finishing line or border. In enduro, you have to keep pace. It starts in the groups and it is noticed in how much time a rider has completed an interval. Sometimes riders are penalized for being late and on some points being earlier.

2. Supercross

The short form for the supercross is “SX”. It takes place in a stadium there is a specific track for supercross as for motocross. It needs condensed space so the stadium is the best location for the supercross.

The professional supercross races are held in the united states in the season of winter. People come here to watch the race. It starts at the starting gate like motocross. Most probably these races occur in the evening.

One important thing you need to know about this race is, that this race is 20 laps long.  In supercross, only professional racers are allowed to participate because there are very limited places where supercross competitions are organized.

3. Motocross

The short form for motocross is “MX”. It is a well-known dirt bike racing that takes place on natural terrain with the addition of extra jumps and barriers. Berms, tabletops, whoops, and doubles are added as jumps on natural outdoor tracks. This is the racing that most of the kids start as racing dirt bikes.

In this race, racers start their race from starting gate and the starting gate pushes the racers back to discourage them. 40 riders can participate in this dirt racing. They will race 450cc and 250cc class in professional dirt bike racing. In professional motocross racing normally there are 2 races that last for 30 minutes each and consist of 2 laps.

Motocross is a famous racing and almost everyone knows about this racing or at least heard about it. People really love to watch this amazing race. The crossing of mentioned barriers makes this racing amazing.

4. Arenacross

A very similar supercross is arenacross which took place in comparatively smaller stadiums that are known as Arenas. In arenacross the starting gate is quite smaller in comparison to supercross. Before jumping into the supercross scene the riders face a typical scene which is arenacross. This scene is amazing to see.

5. Freestyle

This is totally different from all other dirt bike ridings and racings. This is used to show amazing tricks and skills. You must have seen the riders doing backflips in movies that are known as Freestyle or “FMX”.

You must have heard about the Nitro circus. In the circus, riders perform backflips and whips that riders are also doing FMX. This riding is performed to earn for their living. Locally most of the riders perform this freestyle riding to entertain the audience and earn money for their living.

The rider can make the ramp of metal, wood, or other suitable material but normally ramps of wood and metal are famous. This riding ramp is not too expensive to build. That is why the riders own these ramps and they can take these ramps with them to the place circus.

These free-style ridings seem to be very dangerous but this is performed in a safe environment. There are soft sheets below the tracks to save the rider in case of an accident. They have spent their lives getting perfection in their tricks and they know how to handle tough situations.

6. Hare Scramble

This race is most similar to enduro. It also takes place in natural terrains. Basically, hare scramble is a bar-to-bar race. Riders start this race from the same starting line. These races are normally much smaller races in comparison to endure. The racer who crosses the final line first is considered the winner.

Although other than these types dirt bike racing exists but here only famous and well-known types are explained. Remember one thing if you are a new rider you should not start any racing without practice and experience.


What Is The Best Dirt Bike Race?

The best dirt bike race is the one that you’re most excited to attend. It’s hard to go wrong with any of them, but if I had to choose just one it would be the X-Games in Minneapolis (or Los Angeles for summer). It has been described as “a celebration of extreme sports” and features BMX, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc. There are also competitions in which athletes ride on ramps while performing tricks called “slopestyle”. The event is always jam-packed with action because they only allow a certain number of people into each competition at a time so there’s never any downtime between events going on all day long! Plus all these competitions take place in an outdoor campsite.

What Is Enduro In Dirt Bike Racing?

Enduro racing is a form of dirt bike racing that takes place over rough terrain, often involving many hills. The courses are generally long and require the riders to use their skill and endurance to navigate difficult conditions for a set amount of time.
Endurance riders typically compete in enduro races on motocross bikes with upright seating positions, low handlebars, narrow tires and no footpegs or fairings. They may also race on dual-purpose bikes or trial bikes which can be used for either road riding or off-road racing events depending on course requirements. Endurance riders must balance speed with control while negotiating jumps, sand dunes, and other obstacles during competition rounds that last approximately one hour each.

What’s The Difference Between Supercross And Motocross?

They are both motorcycle races, but motocross is a race that takes place on closed-off courses with man-made obstacles, while supercross is a race that takes place in an arena filled with dirt jumps and man-made obstacles.
Supercross is considered to be much more dangerous because the jumps are bigger and the riders are going faster. As a result, supercross riders tend to be more daring and riskier in their maneuvers.