10 Best Dirt Bikes For Sand Dunes (2023)

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Best Dirt Bikes For Sand Dunes! You’re looking for the best dirt bike for sand dunes, usually choosing a good sand dunes dirt bike is a bit difficult for a younger rider. It can be a little bit of a task for you. Usually, sand dunes dirt bike riding is more difficult and different as compared to on a trail and track, it’s a new level of fun and enjoyment.

Short of Time? Here are our top 3 picks for sand dunes!

My Choice

More Power

Premium Pick

Honda CRF50F


Kawasaki XK 500

In this article Top tips and guidelines that help you have the eventual experience in the sand dunes. Dirt bikes come in different colors, sizes, and models for young old riders. . Unfortunately, dirt bikes are the best activity for kids and an ideal bike for sand adventure. Dirt bike Adventure is a perfect ideal, and a quality bike, with a low price tag.

Even a bike is excellent exercise, and an amazing stress release exercise for young riders, and is a ton of fun. Here is a list of top dirt bikes for sand dunes and younger riders including the smallest 50cc four-stroke,100cc two-stroke, trail bikes up to 85cc, and motocross bikes.

However, lots of dirt bike models are excellent and some are just okay. Usually, Dirt bikes are a perfect, fun way for your riders to get surface and experience things.

Dirt bikes come in an extensive range of sizes and shapes with different, different capabilities, powertrains, and extensive differences in price. To make this list easier to digest, here is a list of top favorites dirt bikes: electric, gas-powered dirt bikes from the biggest brand manufacturers, and well-respected brands, low priced and but cheerful no-name brand dirt bikes that will do the job for those on a budget.

Further, the most popular best dirt bikes for kids riders out there are suitable and a wide range of budgets and applications.

You can ride trails, track, and also ride the dunes. In fact, If you discover riding your dirt bike on sand offers an extraordinary experience you will long to return time again.

Those who have the upright fortune of living near sand dunes, again and again, make trips out of the fun and adventure or also spend their days riding on a boundless sea of sand. The different experience riding tracks or trails and need a lot more coordination than you think.

However, if you ever jog on sand which difficulty converts to your dirt bike. Certainly, a stand offers a further difficult workout for avid runners So expect the same with your dirt bike. In fact, most dirt bikes will not do so when you come to ride on the sand.

Many dirt bike operators are good on the sand then as compared to other bikes. However, if you try to bring a pit and little bore dirt bike like a 125 on the sand you will apparently end up more balked than anything else. Which 2-stroke dirt bike and good, from any brand, that works only fine on the sand.

If you ever want to spend a whole day at the beach and you know sand gets all around the beach. Recognize that your last trip to soak in the sun and ride crest at the beach? Somehow, somehow, despite all your excellent achievements, you continually need to clean out your bike from all the sand once you get home.

Sand discovers the way into every slit consequently you need to ready your dirt bike. However, heading out to the dunes, make certain you have done the consecutive sandy pre-ride.

How to prepare your dirt bike for sand dunes?

It may surprise and may shock when you do not prepare your dirt bike perfectly before riding on the sand, you might cause ruin to the bike. Even it may not be mechanical but the other outer side of your dirt bike.

On the sand dunes place, there are loads of sand which result in damage to the external parts of your bike and can badly damage your bike frame. So, some of the things that you need to exchange on the bike then your bike doesn’t hurt.

One of the best fun things you can do with a dirt bike, According to my point of view, is riding it on the sand dunes. Even if you just imagine that you are riding on the sand beach, with beautiful sand and endless clouds; Is that very true it is a really magnificent experience.

I personally go to the sand beach a lot of times alone and there is nothing more fun than riding on the sand beach. On the very first day, I was very worried and confused about riding on the beach, In this question, I had a lot of questions like if it were acceptable and if doing so could hurt my dirt bike. Although, I had no one to tell me and guide me between riding on the sand.

Can you ride a dirt bike on the sand dunes? Usually, there is no answer definite as the laws and rules which apply to sand riding are individually from sand dunes to beach. There are sand dunes where you can ride easily and sand where you cannot. So, there is a well-defined answer that there are loads of many other different laws on all the sand dunes in the world.

Essential Gear for Sand Dunes

1. LS2 Subverter Helmet

Riding in dunes is without a helmet is impossible, due to heat flow you must have to cover your head and the most prior thing to consider is safety, so wearing a helmet can save you from a lot of trouble.

LS2 Subverter helmet is the best helmet for riding in sand dunes. It is a lightweight white color helmet and is quite comfortable.

Top Features:

  1. Proper Ventilation
  2. Air Vents with vasor
  3. CE Certified
  4. White Color
  5. 3D laser cheeks pads


  • It is very comfortable to wear.
  • It is certified by CE.
  • It protects you from UV rays.


  • The only con I can think of is that it is a bit expensive but it is worth the price.

2. Accuri Sand Goggles


To avoid getting sand in your eye, you must have to wear something on your eyes. This is where sand goggles come in.

Accuri sand goggles are best quality goggles and it has a closed foam design that prevents any particle from entering into your eye.

Top Features:

  1. Foam Padding
  2. Strap Closure
  3. Closed Cell Foam Design
  4. Anti-fog and Anti-scratch Coating
  5. 100% UV Protection


  • It has a closed foam design that prevents any particle from entering your eye.
  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • It has a strap closure.
  • It has an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.


  • You have to check for its size.

3. ATV TEK Dusk Mask

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Mask is the most important gear while riding in sand dunes. During a race roosting is a common thing, So to prevent sand from entering your mouth and nose, you must have a dusk mask to help you out.

ATV TEK mask is one of the well-known masks, and it can easily prevent all the dust particles from entering your nose and mouth.

Top Features:

  1. Velcro Closure
  2. Breathable neoprene design
  3. Lightweight and comfortable
  4. Fully adjustable


  • It has a velcro closure.
  • It is made up of breathable neoprene design.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable.
  • It is fully adjustable.


  • None.

Dirt Bike Sand Riding Tips

Most of the time you should have your body weight and position further back than if you were a hard pack and riding dirt. When you do dig it in, you’ll observe yourself doing a good role of existence over the handlebars.

When you riding a dirt bike one thing keeps in your mind, which the front wheel flit over the shifty sand.If you have a gas dirt bike and In the very early days of riding sand, your essential tendency will be to back off when the front wheel of your bike feels like it’s going to wash out.

Usually, the front wheel out of the soft sand and holding the power on propels that you forward. It gives you authority over the direction then you try to follow it. If you are tight corners and turning hard, then shift your body right up to the front side of the bike.

Make love to that petrol tank! This takes the weight off and the rear wheel of the dirt bike allows you to whip it around in an outbreak of sand roost. When you are going to ride on the sand you should stand for as much of it as desirable. You’ll have more manageable control doing that or you won’t burn out as fast.

It brings some getting used to but it’s more reliable and comfortable. You want the front wheel to be as light as possible and your weight towards the back wheel doesn’t mean that you dig in or slow you down.

Always maintain your power! It’s just like when you’re climbing a hill, as soon as you give up the power you’re down. Keep the gas going balanced because if you instantly slow down your front end will dig in and you’ll low down.

However, You also need to be combative in the sand. Do a little bit of comfort on your bike. It’s always a perfect idea to lighten the suspension if you also can and let some air out of the tires. This will make you more comfortable and give you a perfect ride.

A Honda CRF50F dirt bike may ride on sand but only if it’s. 4-stroke 250’s will attempt unless the dirt rider is very well, lightly weighted, and is well experienced and adjustable dirt bike on the sand.

According to my opinion, the perfect dirt bike for the sand dunes would be a Honda Kawana. It’s excellent and powerful and will tear through just about anything. I would recommend a 2-stroke at least possible so you can have an excellent approach to stay upright.

Dirt bike sand riding is usually a bit difficult but it can be easier for you once you practice it, but it’s more difficult on your bike’s components. You’ll apparently have to take additional fuel with you that ensures you clean it completely after each ride. This is certainly good for riding on the beach and saltwater is appalling for dirt bikes.

10 Best Dirt Bikes for Sand Dunes – Reviews and Guide

Here is the quick list of 10 best dirt bikes for sand dunes:

Dirt Bike

Star Rating


1# Honda CRF50F


2# Kawasaki XK 500




4# Razor MX350


5# SX500 McGrath dirt bike


6# Mini Pocket Dirt Bike


7# Yamaha YZ125


8# KTM 65 SX


9# TR-50e


10# Cobra CX50 SR


1# Honda CRF50F

We can say that Honda CRF50F is the perfect bike for sand dunes. It’s always perfect and offers a good combination of features as compared to another bike.

It’s available with a good transmission speed, automatic clutch, tuned to deliver smooth and has a 4 stroke engine. It is more readable and easy to control.

Usually, sand dunes are a little bit difficult as compared to on-track riding, even one best thing in Honda’s dirt bike is the stroke engine that is famously more reliable, Which cuts down on hassles and frustration.

Maybe bigger riders face a bit of difficulty, especially when they are starting out. However, the frame of this bike is made with stronger steel built to handle the dings and bump of off-road riding.

This bike is mostly available in unique colors with smooth transmission three gear ratios. Although, it’s a good and serious smaller dirt bike, that is also forgiving. The clutch engages gently and the brakes are not grabby. The seat height of this dirt bike is 21.6 inches, a lightweight and crazy bike if you love sand dunes riding.

This is the little dirt bike that makes, but it doesn’t mean your child would outgrow it perfect away. You had a child ranging in age from five riding it, even everyone had a blast. However, It’s a crazy, perfect dirt bike for your kid’s riders.

Top Feature:

  1. Good transmission speed
  2. 4 stroke engine
  3. Easy to control
  4. Automatic clutch
  5. Smooth ride
  6. Lightweight
thumbs up regular


  • Smooth transmission gear
  • More reliable

thumbs down regular


  • Seat height is not perfect for tall riders
  • Heavyweight
  • Three transmission speed may complex for beginners
  • Not perfect for beginners

2# Kawasaki XK 500

Kawasaki KLX110 dirt bike is the most popular and unique dirt bike for a sand dunes biker rider. KLX is designed for new culture modification and ideal dirt bike for beginners. However, it comes in tire size, more comfortable, entering into rocky terrain.

It has a power controllable motor with low ground clearance. The overall height of a dirt bike is 45.8 inches, seat height is 12 inches and width is 14.inches and available in 2 to 4 strokes.

It comes in green color and more comfortable for up to sand dunes bike riders. However, the paired engine of this dirt bike has super fuel capacity and 4-speed transmission. The engine is paired with a 4-Speed transmission and total fuel capacity is 1 gallon.

The rides of this bike were made with Steel wheels with a 3.0 X 12 rear tire. And 2.5 X 14 front tires. The suspension is a Telescopic Fork that the real and excellent suspension is a Twin Swing Arm. Both Drum brakes also provide stopping power. Although, we can say that it’s a perfect, easy to manage dirt bike for sand dunes riders.

Top Features:

  1. Super fuel capacity
  2. 4 Speed transmission
  3. Steel wheels
  4. 3.0 X 12 rear tire
  5. 2.5 X 14 front tires
  6. Seat height is 12 inches
thumbs up regular


  • Well design
  • High-quality frame
  • 2 stroke engine

thumbs down regular


  • Bit expensive
  • Limited service and sale
  • Bit reliable


The SUZUKI DR-Z125 is one of the most popular dirt bikes for young riders and best recommended for sand dunes riding.

The overall height of the Suzuki dirt bike is 43.7 and the seat height is 32.5 inches, which manufacturer the dimension of the dirt bike is an excellent choice for a sand dunes rider. The design of a dirt bike is unique for teenagers and adults who are developing their off-road skills.

The DR-Z125 dirt bike has performance and power, with mid-range torque, lightweight agility, and excellent work with different, unique transmission speeds. Also, the dirt bike has a very powerful type of brake system with disc-type front brakes and drum-type rear brakes.

It is also made with high-quality material and a diamond frame which perfectly protects the dirt bike. It comes in different colors like White, black and yellow, with a cheap price tag of $4,490. If you choose a bike for your children, a DR-Z125 dirt bike is one of the best choices for your child.

Top Features:

  1. Mid-range torque
  2. Lightweight agility
  3. Excellent work with different, unique transmission speeds
  4. Disc-type front brakes
  5. Drum-type rear brakes
  6. Diamond frame
thumbs up regular


  • strong engine
  • Different types of transmission speeds
  • fuel capacity limit 4.3
  • Very lightweight of 89kg
  • Quality brake system
  • High-quality electrical system
  • Unique design

thumbs down regular


  • Not perfect for beginners


4# Razor MX350

Choosing the best dirt bike for sand dunes isn’t very easy. Even we have lots of thoughts and many other choices. However, Razor MX350 is one of the tops and best bikes for a sand dunes rider.

The Razor Dirt MX350 is a small motocross dirt bike and an excellent choice for younger riders. With a high variable speed, torque motor, maximum power transfer, large, and speeds up to 12 miles per hour the MX350 chain motor is driven for an excellent powerful operation.

The MX350 Dirt Bike has many multiple awards as well as honor in Sports display for your child. It has adjustable-angle features, unique style handlebars, spoked wheels with 12” pneumatic, knobby tires, renounce, and adjustable hand-operated rear brake if you want to choose the best dirt bike, I highly recommend, Razor MX350 dirt bike that is one of the excellent choices for a sand dunes rider.

Top Feature:

  1. High variable speed
  2. Maximum power transfer
  3. Multiple awards in Sports display
  4. Adjustable-angle features
  5. Spoked wheels with 12” pneumatic, knobby tires
thumbs up regular


  • Chain driven motor, large, knobby tires
  • High torque motor
  • Single-speed, super quiet
  • 12 miles per hour speed
  • Rotate grip throttle control
  • Flexible riser handlebars

thumbs down regular


  • Requires to maintenance
  • Time of riding 30 minutes

5# SX500 McGrath dirt bike

Selecting the best dirt bike for a sand dunes rider undoubtedly is not very easy. The SX500 McGrath is one of the best dirt bikes that dirt bikes have, and it’s one of the best dirt bikes for a sand dunes rider.

The SX500 McGrath is a kind of supercross, high torque, and has a super variable motor speed for an excellent charged experience. Feature riser handlebars and dual suspension, retractable kickstand, large pneumatic knobby tires with dual disc brakes.

The super single charge dirt bike runs on three to four 12V batteries, that are included for convenience. If you want to choose the best dirt bike, I highly recommend the SX500 McGrath dirt bike that is one of the excellent choices for a sand dunes rider.

Top Features:

  1. High torque
  2. Super variable motor speed
  3. Riser handlebars and dual suspension
  4. Retractable kickstand
  5. Large pneumatic knobby tires with dual disc brakes
thumbs up regular


  • aluminum spoked features
  • soft rubber grips
  • Rechargeable battery system
  • dual suspension
  • Unique steel frame
  • Chain-driven motor,
  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Age limit, 14
  • Assembly required

thumbs down regular


  • Not perfect for kids

6# Mini Pocket Dirt Bike

The features of a mini pocket dirt bike, excellent grip, large knobby tires, and a higher suspension in which the rider easily goes over bumps and dips on the road. The Mini Dirt Bike will be able to pack a punch with a bit of power, and speed level up to 20 MPH with a powerful torque motor.

This type of bike is ideal for parking lot commuting and driveway. Each stock of engine is very friendly and has efficient fuel, a twist-grip throttle, and easy to control acceleration.

Although, the stroke of engine fuel is very efficient, retaining maximum control, speed, and easy to manage for a sand dunes bike rider.

Top Features:

  1. Large knobby tires
  2. Higher suspension
  3. Powerful torque motor
  4. Very friendly and efficient fuel engine
  5. Twist-grip throttle
thumbs up regular


  • Engine: Air Cooled, 49cc 2-Stroke
  • Speed limit: Up to 20mph
  • Brake: 1 Rear Disc,1 Front Disc
  • Suspension: Front and Rear
  • The Capacity of user Weight: 128lbs
  • Excellent Kickstand

thumbs down regular


  • Not an automatic clutch

7# Yamaha YZ125

The Yamaha YZ125 is undoubtedly and one of the best dirt bikes for a sand dunes rider. The engine of Yamaha YZ125’s dirt bike is very powerful and strong.

The height of seats 38.4 inches, which is considered very high which is perfect for tall bike riders boys and girls. It’s a perfect dirt bike for young bike riders, and it has excellent features that dirt bikes need to have.

The dirt bike has a very beautiful design, is made from very high-quality materials, and a very strong and high quality and strong aluminum frame, that protects the dirt bike from falls and scratches perfectly.

Top Features:

  1. Powerful and strong engine
  2. Height of seats 38.4 inches
  3. Beautiful design
  4. High-quality materials
  5. Strong and high-quality aluminum frame
thumbs up regular


  • Available at cheap price
  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight
  • Available in white and blue color

thumbs down regular


  • Old body frame
  • Not perfect for kids

8# KTM 65 SX

KTM 65 SX is one of the best selections, the ideal model for dirt bikes if you love sand adventure riding, and who is ready for riding adventures.

It’s come in ethnic size and color with a super transmission motor and suspension package that is ready to send your child shredding overall the track. Even the transmission speeds of this bike with clutch allow the little bike riders to learn to manage the power of an impressive engine stroke.

The crazy power stroke of the engine is easy to adjust and control for every bike rider. The more lightweight and slender frame of this bike helps to develop your kid’s riding, racing ability.

Generally, if you are looking for the best bike for riding it’s one of the best ideal choices for your young riders.

Top Features:

  1. Super transmission motor and suspension
  2. Transmission speeds with clutch
  3. Easy to adjust and control engine stroke
  4. Lightweight and slender frame
thumbs up regular


  • 2-stroke oil injected,
  • single speed
  • Well design

thumbs down regular


  • Brakes may be a nightmare to bleed

9# TR-50e

The TTR-50 is an ideal, more comfortable, and one of the best dirt bikes for you if you love sand dune adventure. This dirt bike has lots of features, including rear drum brakes, an electric starter, an inverted fork with a large chain drive that is better for maintenance.

The height of this bike is 21.5 inches that is more adjustable and suitable for young bike riders, especially for sand dunes lovers. Even if you are looking for a perfect bike for sand dunes, it’s a more suitable and ideal bike for your younger riders.

Usually, dirt bikes are lightweight, but TTR-50 dirt bikes are quite heavy as compared to other dirt bikes.

Top Features:

  1. Rear drum brakes
  2. Electric starter
  3. Inverted fork
  4. Large chain drive
  5. Height of 21.5 inches
  6. Heavy as compared to other dirt bikes
thumbs up regular


  • High-quality frame
  • Lightweight
  • Four-stroke engine

thumbs down regular


  • Heavyweight
  • Not ideal for young riders

10# Cobra CX50 SR

However, it has more adjustable features like a fully comfortable and suitable and more adjustable 5Gx-3 shoe unique color, auto clutch,twin-spar frame, and super crazy cartridge fork.

It is also made with high-quality material and a diamond frame which perfectly protects the dirt bike. It comes in different colors like White, black and yellow, with a cheap price tag of $4,490. If you choose a bike for your children, a Cobra CX50 SR dirt bike is one of the best choices for your child.

Top Features:

  1. Auto clutch
  2. Twin-spar frame
  3. Super crazy cartridge fork
  4. Diamond frame
  5. Different colors like White, black and yellow.
thumbs up regular


  • 2-stroke oil injected,
  • single speed
  • Well design
  • Unique features
  • Superpower bike

thumbs down regular


  • Brakes may be a nightmare to bleed

Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for in a Dirt Bike for Sand Dune? My personal experience!

There are many things to consider when choosing a dirt bike for sand dunes. Here are some of the key factors that I considered when making my decision:

1- The Weight of the Bike:

Before selecting a dirt bike for sand dunes, the weight of the bike should be considered the most important factor. A lightweight bike will be able to accelerate faster and maintain speed in deep sand. Conversely, a heavier bike will be more difficult to maneuver in deep sand but will have more traction for climbing steep dunes. Ultimately, the decision of which bike to select depends on the rider’s preferences and riding style. However, all riders should keep in mind that a lighter bike will be easier to handle on sand dunes.

2- The Suspension of the Bike:

Another important factor to consider when choosing a dirt bike for sand dunes is the suspension. A good suspension will absorb the impact of jumps and landings, providing a smoother ride. Additionally, a well-suspended bike will be better able to navigate through whoops (sections of sand with large bumps). When selecting a bike, be sure to test the suspension by jumping on it and watching how the bike responds.

3- The Tires of the Bike:

The tires of a dirt bike are also an important factor to consider when riding on sand dunes. In general, wider tires will provide more traction and stability. However, wider tires will also be more likely to sink in deep sand. As a result, many riders opt for narrower tires that can cut through the sand and provide better flotation. Ultimately, the decision of which tires to select depends on the rider’s preferences and the conditions of the sand dunes.

4- The Engine of the Bike:

The engine of a dirt bike is another important factor to consider when riding on sand dunes. A larger engine will provide more power and enable the rider to climb steep dunes with ease. However, a larger engine will also use more fuel and create more noise. As a result, many riders opt for smaller engines that are more economical and quieter. Ultimately, the decision of which engine to select depends on the rider’s preferences and the conditions of the sand dunes.

5- The Price of the Bike:

Of course, the price of the bike is also an important factor to consider when making a purchase. In general, dirt bikes with larger engines and better suspensions will be more expensive. However, these bikes will also provide the best performance on sand dunes. As a result, many riders opt for cheaper bikes that are less powerful but still provide a good ride. Ultimately, the decision of which bike to select depends on the rider’s budget and preferences.

These are just some of the things that I considered when choosing a dirt bike for sand dunes. Ultimately, the decision of which bike to select depends on the rider’s preferences and riding style. However, all riders should keep in mind that a lighter bike will be easier to handle on sand dunes. Additionally, a good suspension is important for a smooth ride, and wider tires will provide more stability.

SUZUKI DR-Z1 Vs Kawasaki XK 500 Dirt Bike! Which One You Should Choose and My Personal Experience?

When it comes to choosing a dirt bike, there are many factors that you need to consider. Among these are the brand, model, and engine size. Two of the most popular bikes in the market today are the Suzuki DR-Z1 and Kawasaki XK 500. So, which one should you choose?

Here is a quick comparison of the two models:

Suzuki DR-Z1

-Engine size: 125cc

-Stroke: 4 stroke

-Weight:  196 / 89

-Seat height: 32 inches

-Ground clearance: 11.4 inches

Kawasaki XK 500

-Engine size: 500cc

-Power: 54 horsepower

-Weight: 326 pounds

-Seat height: 37.8 inches

-Ground clearance: 11.6 inches

As you can see, the Kawasaki XK 500 is a bit more powerful and heavier than the Suzuki DR-Z1. However, both models have similar seat heights and ground clearance. So, which one should you choose?

It really depends on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a powerful bike that can tackle tougher terrain, then the Kawasaki XK 500 would be a good choice. However, if you want a smaller and lighter bike that is easier to maneuver, then the Suzuki DR-Z1 would be a better option.

Personally, I prefer the Suzuki DR-Z1 because it is easier to handle and maneuver. It is also lighter and less powerful, which makes it ideal for beginners or those who are not looking for a bike that is too powerful. However, if you have more experience and are looking for a more powerful bike, then the Kawasaki XK 500 would be a better choice.

Can you ride dirt bikes in sand dunes?

Riding dirt bikes in sand dunes can be a bit difficult but not impossible. You just have to follow some extra steps while riding in sand dunes. Have a powerful bike will also help in an easy ride on sand dunes.

What is the best dirt bike for sand dunes?

These are the two best dirt bikes for sand dunes:
1. Kawasaki KX500
2. Honda CR500
I have personally tried these two bikes in sand dunes and their response is awesome. Riding in sand dunes depends on paddles and both of these bikes have a modern paddle system. Kawasaki KX500 or Honda CR500 are the classic sand dune bikes.
Out of these two, I would recommend Honda CR500, it is easy to handle if you are a beginner and everyone loves a bike that is easy to handle. Riding in sand dunes is not like riding in muds or on roads, so first learn how to ride on sand dunes then go for it.

How to ride dirt bike in sand dunes?

Riding a dirt bike in sand dunes is not an easy thing, you should have proper knowledge of it. Every dirt bike is not capable to help you ride in sand dunes, and you should look for a dirt bike that is at least 250cc or above. Because a dirt bike below this like a 125cc dirt bike will give you a very tough time, my personal experience.
So the first thing is to go with a powerful dirt bike, somewhat around 250cc. I would recommend CR500 or KX500 dirt bikes.
The next pro tip is to drop the pressure inside your tires, according to Aceable it is always the best choice to lower the pressure of tires while riding in sand dunes and beaches. Because it will give you more traction and control over your bike.
Next thing is to make sure that you stick to your bike, for this you have to stick your knees to your bike and always try to keep your weight on the rear tire, as the front tire can dig in and can slow down your speed.
Stand on your bike as much as possible as it will help you in a safe ride, it will give you more control over your bike and it is always the best choice to tighten the suspension of your bike to make the bike easy to control in sand dunes.
That’s all, just try to keep momentum and follow these tips and you are good to go on a safe and full of fun journey.

How hard is it to ride dirt bike on sand dunes?

It can be pretty hard to ride dirt bikes on sand dunes, as the sand can be incredibly slippery. In order to stay upright and maintain control of your bike, you’ll need to use a lot of throttle and be very precise with your steering. You may also want to try riding in a lower gear so that you have more power at your disposal when needed. And be sure to take it slow in the beginning until you get a feel for the terrain. With a little practice, though, you’ll be riding like a pro in no time!
If the sand dunes are relatively flat and there aren’t too many bumps or hills, then it’s not too hard to ride a dirt bike on them. However, if the sand dunes are more rugged with big hills and bumps, then it can be quite challenging to ride a dirt bike on them.

Are dirt bikes good in sand?

Dirt bikes are not good in sand due to the poor traction they have. Dirt bikes, as opposed to street-legal dirt bikes or off-road motorcycles, do not have enough clearance under their footpeg for the rider’s feet and any potential ground that could be unevenly distributed with respect to weight distribution. This makes it difficult for them when riding on surfaces like grass or sand because it causes them to lose control of their bike easily if they try riding over anything other than asphalt.
Dirt bikes are not good in sand. They’re designed for off-road use, and that’s what they do best. Sand riding would be like trying to ride a bike on an ice rink or down the middle of a street; it doesn’t work well with either tires or gears (though some people have been able to make it work by removing both front wheels).

What gear do I drive in on sand?

The best gear for driving on sand is a 1st low gear. Driving a dirt bike on sand can be difficult because the bike struggles to get traction, and if you’re not careful, it will start to spin its tires. The best way to drive on sand is in first or second gear, with your foot off the gas pedal so that you don’t overheat the engine and lose traction. Make sure that you lean forward slightly so that weight isn’t placed on either handlebar; instead, balance yourself by placing one hand lightly against both bars (the right side more heavily than the left). If things get too sandy, simply shift back into higher gears until there’s enough traction again.

Do you need paddle tires in sand dunes?

Paddle tires are designed to work in soft terrain, such as sand or snow, by providing a stable platform for the rider and their gear. In contrast to other tires which work best on the ground surface with some traction from either side, paddle tires have little contact with the ground so they don’t provide any additional stability. Instead of relying on your feet to push against an object like you would when walking or running (which can be difficult if it’s sandy), you just keep moving forward until momentum brings you up out of whatever hole we’re trying to get through now!

What PSI should my tires be on sand?

PSI for a dirt bike tire on sand should be around 14-18 psi. A lower psi will give you more traction because there will be more of the tire in contact with the surface, but it will also make the bike less stable. A higher psi will make the bike more stable, but you won’t have as much grip. Experiment to see what works best for you.
There is no definitive answer to this question, as the optimal PSI for sand may vary depending on the specific make and model of dirt bike, as well as on the size and weight of the rider. However, a good starting point would be somewhere between 12 and 18 PSI.



According to many bike riders, sand dunes riding is a bit difficult as compared to other road track bikes. Many people ask if sand dunes are more difficult.

I have to tell you, the truth is, riding on the sand dunes is a little bit difficult and most fun things to do according to my experience, however when you are riding on sand dunes where the sand itself is not thin but thick.

I would highly recommend that you ride on beaches where the sand is thin and not deep because other than that, it may not be comfortable to ride.

Besides, you need to note that sand dunes riding will be more difficult for you as compared to road bikes if you do not prepare your dirt bikes well for sand dunes riding, even if you are worried about cleaning the air filter and removing tire air.

In this case, you must read everything I instructed you to prepare before going riding on the sand dunes. The rules and regulations that apply to sand riding are distinct from one sand dune to the next. There are areas where you can ride with ease and others where you cannot. As a result, there is a simple answer: different local and state governments have various policies.