Top 12 Best Dirt Bike Speedometers in 2022 with Buying Guide

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Best Dirt Bike Speedometers! Being a dirt rider we know that the speedometer is not necessary when we are not concerned with speed and track location. But if we are concerned with time management or we are in the learning phase then it becomes our first and important preference to have a speedometer on our dirt bike.

Moreover, some dirt lovers who have to participate in any kind of dirt competition need this device to manage their time and a lot more. So, for such people, it is an important part to achieve their goals. Some people are fond of upgrading their bike parts and modifying their bikes.

All of us have to face a lot of difficulties while selecting our best speedometer. Because sometimes the products that we buy do not meet our requirements.

What is a speedometer?

A speed indication device that is used to indicate the speed of the vehicle is known as a speedometer. It is very helpful for you in your vehicle. You can use this on your dirt bike or motorcycle. It helps you to speed rules and manage your time by estimating the distance to travel according to speed.

Different speedometers are available in the market. Today newly designed speedometer helps you display other important things related to your bike like average, min. & max. Speed of the bike or other vehicle.

It also indicates the fuel of the vehicle and also displays the engine temperature and other important parameters of the bike which are of great importance to consider.

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What are the two basic types of speedometer?

Two types of speedometers are on the market. One is a mechanical speedometer and the other one is an electronic speedometer.

In this advanced age normally people like to select electronic speedometers for their dirt bikes. Until 1993 there were no electronic speedometers, at that time mechanical speedometers were used in vehicles.

No doubt mechanical speedometers are much stronger and more durable but they lack in function. New and advanced electronic speedometers are amazing they tell us a lot of important factors which should be considered very important to know. Like engine temperature, and maintenance interval. These parameters are not explained by conventional speedometers so, electronic speedometers are preferred over mechanical ones.

Why are the dirt bike speedometers Important?

Speedometers are important if you are speed conscious. Speedometers tell the rider about the current speed of the dirt bike and looking toward your speedometer you can figure out how fast you are going. If you are a beginner speedometer will help you to control your speed on the track.

So, don’t rush to just buy a speedometer. I have explained some of the basic and most important factors that you must know before buying a speedometer. After reading this you will be able to select a speedometer that is compatible with your bike.

It will save you money & time and will give you self-confidence while riding.

12 Best Dirt Bike Speedometers

Here is the list of the 12 best dirt bike speedometers:

Speedometer Brand


Price (amazon)

1. Trail Tech 202-111 Endurance II

2. Trail Tech 752-112 Black Vapor

3. ZHOUQINMEI Speedometer

4. EGD Digital Wireless Bike Speedometer

5. SAMDO 6 Gear Universal Motorcycle Speedometer

6. Universal Motorcycle LED LCD Digital Odometer Speedometer

7. Trail Tech 752-111 Black Vapor Digital Speedometer

8. Trail Tech 021-TM2 Endurance II

9. GPS Speedometer Digital Backlit

10. Trail Tech 022-PDA

11. Latnex Digital Speedometer

12. ELING Motorcycle GPS Speedometer


1. Trail Tech 202-111

Trail Tech 202-111 Endurance II Digital Gauge Speedometer kit

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When we talk about the best-featured speedometer trail tech 202-111 Endurance II comes to the top. Endurance II is the simplified gauge. The most important thing about this speedometer is that it is able to replace a bike’s whole instrument cluster.

The Endurance II displays the speed of the bike, max and average speed of the dirt bike. It displays two trip distance trackers, a clock, riding time, accumulated ride time, and an odometer.

You can utilize the remainder with one or the other time or mileage interval durations. After specific desired intervals it will remind you that you have to change, repair or service its parts, it will save you from any calamity and be helpful for the health of your bike.

Its installation is quite easy, you can do it at home. The endurance II kit contains a Magnet Kit, wheel sensor, mounting, and power lead.  It has a battery, you just connect the wiring harness to the speedo, and on the other end by brake caliper. Very easy installation!

These are the unique specs that distinguish it from other speedometers. Here are some important pros and cons of this meter.

Top Features:

  1. Two-trip distance tracker
  2. Maximum and average speed
  3. Riding time display
  4. Accumulated ride time
  5. Magnet Kit
  6. Wheel sensor
  7. Mounting, and power lead


  • It is light weighed 0.7 pound.
  • Dimensions are 6 x 3 x 7 inches so it can be fitted anywhere.
  • Different sizes are available
  • Can replace bike’s entire instrument cluster
  • Installation guide is provided


  • After installation, it is recommended to examine by a professional whether fitted correctly or not.

2. Trail Tech 752-112

Trail Tech 752-112 Black Vapor Digital Speedometer Tachometer Gauge Kit

This dirt bike speedometer comes to 2nd position according to me. This is not due to its extra features rather it is a little bit more expensive than the speedometer mentioned above. Because I believe that if a thing can do the same job at less price then why should I spend much, it’s my own opinion you must do what you think that is much better. You can replace your current speedometer with it.

But no doubt it has some extraordinary features that make it expensive. Its features include a large RPM graph and speed readout, and programmable LED lights that blink when it’s time to shift gears or during an over-temp event.

Here are some parameters that other speedometers can’t tell us Like Vapor displays speed, tach, engine temperature, odometer, resettable distance, clock, ride time, and ambient temperature.

It also customizes and fine-tunes Vapor for tire size, tach sensitivity, and trigger temps for the temp and tach warning lights

The vapor works almost on everything, it can work on both electrical supplies either AC or 12V DC.

Top Features:

  1. RPM graph
  2. Speed readout
  3. Programmable LED lights
  4. Customizable
  5. AC or 12V DC 


  • Its weight is only 1.2 pounds.
  • It displays clock, ride time & ambient temperature.
  • It displays speed readout & large RPM graphs.
  • It has programmable LED lights which blinks.
  • Its distance, ride time & clock are adjustable.


  • Does not work for every bike.

3. ZHOUQINMEI Speedometer

ZHOUQINMEI Speedometer Gauge Motorcycle Digital Odometer Speedometer


  • Its weight is 1000 grams.
  • 12v power supply.
  • Compatible for all engines (1, 2 & 4 stroke engines).
  • Displays speed in miles and kilometers.


  • Not compatible with Electrical Fuel Injection Engines.
  • Recommended professional to install.

4. EGD Digital Wireless

EGD Digital Wireless Bike Speedometer

It displays the current speed, maximum speed, average speed, elapsed time, trip distance, and clock. Its LCD display is amazing. It is waterproof so you don’t need to worry about washing it or use in rainy seasons.

This is the universal wireless speedometer that can be used on other vehicles too. You can use this wireless speedometer on your dirt bike, mountain bike, bicycle, stationary bike, and pit bike. In this way, you just have to pay one time and even that cost is very low. In short, we have found a low-cost multi-purpose speedometer.

 It uses a Cr2032 battery you can replace the battery when it becomes low. Even you can buy a dozen of batteries for a few bucks. Moreover, due to its small size, its battery consumption is also very low.

Top Features:

  1. Cheap
  2. Light-weighted
  3. Waterproof
  4. Multi-purpose
  5. Low battery consumption 


  • Light weighted 80 grams
  • Wireless Speedometer
  • Waterproof
  • Replaceable and low cost battery
  • Can be installed on all bikes
  • Displays speed, trip distance, max. & average speed


  • Small sized
  • Battery may be missing in Package

5. SAMDO 6 Gear Universal

SAMDO 6 Gear Universal Motorcycle Speedometer Tachometer Digital Odometer 199 KMH

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This is the universal speedometer that is used for all bikes with 12V and is adjustable for 8-22 inches wheels. This wide range makes it suitable for use on different dirt bikes.

This speedometer can be adjusted on one-cylinder, two-cylinder, 4 cylinders, and 4 stroke dirt bikes with front disc brakes.

It displays water temperature on the LCD screen which is very helpful in determining the environment temperature too. A complete guide is provided with it which makes its installation more easy and quick. It can display 1-6 gears on the screen.

It can switch on setting and it displays speed in miles and kilometers. Which is helpful in riding to measure the track length and time for that trip.

SAMDO Digital Tachometer RPM is not compatible with EFI electric fuel injection engines. So, if you are using any dirt bike with EFI Electric Fuel Injection Engines then this speedometer may not compatible with it and may not work effectively.

Top Features:

  1. Adjustable
  2. Water temperature display
  3. Quick installation
  4. Miles and kilometers speedometer
  5. RPM measurement 


  • Displays water temperature on LCD
  • Adjustable on 1, 2 & 4 cylinder engines
  • Light weighted 0.5 Kg
  • Displays 1-6 gears
  • Displays speed in miles and Kilometers


  • May not compatible for EFI

6. Universal Digital Speedometer

Universal Motorcycle LCD Digital Odometer Speedometer

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Universal Motorcycle LED LCD digital Odometer speedometer is the 12v meter used for dirt bikes. This speedometer is not only durable but also designed for dirt bike riders. Its outer body is made up of aluminum which makes it stronger and capable of bearing more hard conditions like jumps and other environmental factors.

Its mounting hole diameter is 9.5cm you can use this speedometer on your touring dirt bike. It is waterproof and durable in the sun’s heat. Its body makes it more attractive and its design is classic.

Although its design looks old the other features and durability make it superior to buy instead of other digital or other wireless speedometers. Normally the speedometers that are common in the market are not too durable.

So, if you are thinking about replacing or mounting a new speedometer then you must select this one. Its long durability saves you from the trouble of changing the meter again and again which may waste your time and bucks.

Its two dial meters make the bike attractive. This traditional meter is still considered one of the top-rated meters for your dirt bike.

Top Features:

  1. Waterproof
  2. Durable
  3. Attractive design
  4. Classic design
  5. Long-lasting 


  • Durable
  • Aluminum Body
  • Classic design
  • Dual dial meter
  • 12v electric supply


  • Old fashioned
  • May not mount on some bikes

7. Trail Tech 752-111

Trail Tech 752-111 Black Vapor Digital Speedometer

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Trail tech is a famous brand for providing dirt bike meters. There are two models of meters one is trail track 752-111 & the other is trail track 752-112. Here we are going to talk about 752-111.

This model of trail track is very popular due to its specifications that distinguish this one from the other ones.

Now let us talk about the specification of this model of trail track that makes it a superior speedometer. It shows a large rpm graph and readout. As we use this meter normally for dirt bikes and other racing bikes.

So, we have to check the speed of the bike again and again while riding on the bike. If the speed readout is smaller, then it will create problems while taking out the readings. So, these large-sized numbers make you able to quickly note down the reading of the dirt bike speed in your mind.

It contains an LED light that blinks during the shifting of gears or during an over-temp event. It gives grace & looks to the bike. But it is useful at night so if you are a street rider then this light will make you happy.

It also represents the tach, ambient, and the temperature of the bike engine, the distance on the meter is resettable. You can reset it according to your rise or while starting a new ride after a ride. There is a clock that measures the ride time which allows you to manage your time of riding.

Tach sensitivity triggers for temps and tach warning lights are also in this speedometer. It works on almost everything you can use Ac or DC electrical system to run this meter on your bike.

It has a built-in stopwatch that you can use to measure and manage the race timings during your training and races. It also has a resettable trip distance that you can use while enduring courses.

It is a very light weighted meter its weight is only one pound. You can use it on almost any kind of bike like Honda, Kawasaki, Can-Am, Suzuki and Yamaha, etc.

You can install it at home you don’t need any kind of professional to install this speedometer. A lot of instructions are available on different social platforms regarding the installation of this meter.

Moreover, it works pretty well. One very well-known issue is getting the tach to work. The official instructions suggest wrapping the tach wire around one of your spark plugs wires so that it picks up the ignition signal via induction, but that doesn’t work in some cases. You’ve to try different numbers wraps and whatnot. Some people connect the tach wire directly to the coil signal wire, but you should not bother.

Top Features:

  1. Large rpm graph and readout
  2. LED light
  3. Tach, ambient, and temperature sensor
  4. Built-in stopwatch
  5. Resettable trip distance
  6. Lightweight 


  • Features include a large RPM graph 
  • Speed readout
  • Programmable LED lights that blink
  • Vapor displays speed, tach, engine temperature
  • Resettable distance, clock, ride time, and odometer
  • AC or 12V DC electrical systems
  • Stop watch for race training


  • May not fit on some bikes
  • Expensive
  • May not work properly if an installation issue occurs.
  • It is generic

8. Trail Tech 021-TM2 Endurance

Trail Tech 021-TM2 Endurance II Black Dashboard Protector

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Trail tech 021-TM2 is the dirt bike speedometer with a black aluminum protector. It is designed to fit by using front bolts on the bar clamps and can be fixed on various bikes with spacing ranging between 90-106mm.

You can use this dirt bike meter with your Yamaha, Suzuki RM/RMZ/RMX, and Kawasaki KX/KXF/KDX/KLX motorcycles.

Its aluminum protector protects it and the display of this meter is very cool. It provides an optimum viewing position.

This unit comes complete with a wiring harness and magnet for the front wheel. You can install it on a 2015 KX450F with no problems. A drill and a self-tapping stainless screw are all that are needed otherwise, at least for your bike.

It cleans up your cockpit area compared to the bracket that comes in stock with the dashboard. It is an awesome speedometer it works great and is very easy to install this meter on your bike.

If you buy the endurance this is a must-have in my opinion because the mount that comes with the endurance is garbage. Sadly, this mount is not wide enough to fit on 05 Drz400sm.

The weight of the meter is very minor 0.5 pounds. You can use this meter on various bikes, even you can install it on your kid’s bikes. It will work fine.

Top Feature:

  1. Compatible meter
  2. 0.5lb weight
  3. Best for kids’ bike
  4. easy to install


  • Easy to install
  • Light weighted
  • Fit for various bikes
  • Better display
  • Aluminum protector


  • May not place on some bikes
  • Just a metal mount

9. GPS Speedometer Digital Backlit

GPS Speedometer Digital Backlit LCD Display Gauge Kit Odometer

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This is a multi-function GPS speedometer with three different theme display modes. You can measure everything without any kind of wire connection. It can monitor speed and distance, engine temp, and maintenance intervals.

This meter also measures and displays the current speed, maximum speed, average speed, total mileage, battery voltage, clock, and engine temp. These are the basic things that a dirt bike rider is concerned to know.

Although the price of this speedometer is high it has amazing features which make the rider buy this cool speedometer. The riders who don’t know how to check when your bike needs maintenance, or sometimes you forget to get information about any problem in your bike. And you may fall into any kind of unwanted trouble during your ride.

So, if you have installed this amazing speedometer you don’t need to worry about the alert of bike maintenance. It tells us the interval when your dirt bike needs maintenance.

The installation process for this meter is very quick and easy. You can install this meter on your bike at home. A handlebar mount is included with the package. Hand-wired power connections and temperature sensors are used to measure the temperature of the engine.

It has a lithium battery which is rechargeable. This battery is a built-in rechargeable battery. The best thing is that it includes an operation manual. You don’t need to ask others how this works. You can learn the operation of this speedometer.

It is a universal fit speedometer. You can fit this on all your dirt bikes and other motorcycles. UTV, ATV, Rzr, Ca-AM and any other such kind of automobile. Even you can use this speedometer on marine vessels. This single and multi-purpose meter can be used on any kind of off-road vehicle.

It is built for extreme conditions and is capable of absorbing shocks. 

Top Features:

  1. Multi-functions
  2. GPS speedometer
  3. High price
  4. Quick and easy installation
  5. Built-in rechargeable battery
  6. Waterproof rating


  • Multifunction GPS speedometer
  • 3 main theme display modes
  • Easy installation
  • Shock roof
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Built for extreme conditions
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Good GPS receiver


  • LCD black and white
  • Expensive

10. Trail Tech 022-PDA Vapor Indicator

Trail Tech 022-PDA Vapor/Vector/Striker Indicator Dashboard

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This is one of the amazing super cool speedometers. The advanced design and suitable price. It is used with trail tech vapor, vapor, and strike computers.

The universal indicator dashboard is designed to protect the computer. This protector protects it from external conditions and saves it from damage and from water. And it keeps the display at an optimum viewing position.

It includes the 022-OEB mounting bracket that can be installed on a triple clamp easily. This speedometer includes 11 indicator lights which are gas, low beam, high beam, neutral, 3 turn signal indicator, 2 blanks, oil, and reserve.

The exterior of the meter is beautifully painted and has lightweight.  But remember one thing the computer is not provided with this package you have to buy the computer individually.

The speedometer operates off a magnetic sensor attached to the brake caliper bracket or the fork. The gauge also measures air and engine temperature, and it is designed for bikes like the 230L.

The quality of the plastic, bulbs, and holders is decent enough. The plastic has to flex enough for you to snap it over the head unit. The included aluminum mount is kind of generic but it’s better than nothing. The wiring for the bulbs is so that the two pairs of bulbs share two grounds. 

I will say I feel the price is just a little bit steep here, but the quality is not lacking.. and it’s at least partially made in the USA.

You have to purchase this with a trail tech Vapor computer and install them on your dirt bike. The combination works and looks much better than the OEM instrument cluster. Wiring the LED lights in a variety of ways is possible. You have to choose a high beam indicator, neutral indicator, left/right blinker indicator, and an overheating indicator. If you are not an electrical Engineer, electrician or mechanic you can easily install this meter and understand the wiring connection.

Well worth the purchase to protect your computer and have indicator lights for your vehicle. The setup required a little time and basic wiring knowledge. Depending on your vehicle’s set up you may need to manually insert solder wires from the trail tech wire harness into your existing harness. It comes with a selection of buttons for you to choose what you want to display plus a wire harness and extension piece.

The computer is sold separately. This particular dash is beneficial for moped and scooter users who want visual indicators for their bikes. The lights could do with being a bit brighter or the buttons more translucent. It comes with a metal mount for the computer (see the image) which is of no use for a bike so the computer’s plastic bracket mount is all that is available.

Top Features:

  1. Mounting bracket
  2. 11 indicator lights
  3. 3 turn signal indicators
  4. 2 blank indicators
  5. Waterproof
  6. Lightweight
  7. Aluminum mount included
  8. High beam indicator
  9. Neutral indicator


  • Universal indicator dashboard
  • Optimum viewing position
  • Includes 11 indicators
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • Easy installation


  • Computer is not included
  • Expensive
  • Does not come with screen
  • No electronic components included

11. Latnex Digital Dirt Bike Speedometer

Latnex Waterproof Digital Dirt Bike Speedometer

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Looking for a reliable and accurate digital speedometer for your dirt bike? Then look no further than the Latnex Waterproof Digital Dirt Bike Speedometer.

This high-performance device is designed to provide accurate speed readings in all conditions, from wet and muddy trail surfaces to dusty flat tracks. It features a rugged design that can withstand impact from flying debris and vibration from powerful engine vibrations, making it ideal for use on any type of motocross bike.

In addition, this speedometer comes with a number of other useful features, including an odometer, clock, and advanced memory functions. If you are looking for a top-quality digital dirt bike speedometer that you can count on to deliver accurate results every time, then the Latnex Waterproof Digital Dirt Bike Speedometer is definitely worth considering. So go ahead and try one today!
Top Features:
  1. High-performance and accurate
  2. Rugged design
  3. Withstands impact and vibration
  4. Odometer, clock, and advanced memory functions


  • Best quality in cheap price.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Great for outdoor use.
  • Tough and extremely durable design.
  • Ideal for motocross bikes.


  • Works best in dry conditions.
  • The battery life is not as good as expected.

12. ELING Motorcycle GPS Speedometer

ELING Motorcycle GPS Speedometer

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Looking for an advanced and highly accurate motorcycle speedo that is capable of providing a wide range of useful information? Then the ELING Motorcycle GPS Speedometer should definitely be at the top of your list.

This easy-to-install device comes with a number of features, including a digital speedometer, odometer, compass, thermometer, and more. It also comes with built-in GPS capability, allowing you to quickly determine your precise location at any time. The unit is also compatible with a wide range of motorcycles, making it an excellent choice for use in motocross bikes as well as other types of offroad vehicles.

Best of all, this top-quality GPS speedometer is designed to be super easy to use. If you are looking for a reliable and highly accurate motorcycle speedometer that won’t let you down, then the ELING Motorcycle GPS Speedometer is tough to beat!

Top Features:

  1. Digital speedometer, odometer, compass, and thermometer
  2. Built-in GPS capability
  3. Compatible with a wide range of motorcycles
  4. Super easy to use


  • Super easy to install and operate.
  • Provides an extensive range of useful information.
  • Built-in GPS capability is very handy.
  • Compatible with a wide range of motorcycles.


  • The initial setup can be a bit confusing.
  • More expensive than some other options.

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Buying Guide for Dirt Bike Speedometer

A speedometer is an essential part of your dirt bike. But before buying a speedometer you must have some basic knowledge about parameters that a speedometer must have and the most very common thing is the price of the speedometer.

Before buying a speedometer you must check its display, it should be adjustable to the optimum viewing limit on your dirt bike. Now advanced speedometers display min. speed, average speed, max. Speed and the engine temperature.

Speedometers also have indicators that are used for various functions. It should be waterproof, shockproof. It must have a rechargeable battery to run this meter or other electrical supply. The speedometers also tell us about the health of the engine of the bike.

There is an indicator on the bike which tells us about the maintenance intervals of the bike. Normally we forget about the condition of our bike when we ride over it. But this indicator tells you one more thing if you have to buy a speedometer online then you must learn about its installation and its installation should be easy.

And the final point to consider before is that its cost should be according to your affordability. So whenever you buy a dirt bike speedometer you must select a speedometer according to your requirements and at an affordable price.

If the speedometer fulfills all the above-mentioned requirements then you should not wait for buying just order and enjoy your speedometer.

I would recommend a wireless speedometer.

Nowadays wireless speedometers are making their place. From wireless speedometers, you can get a lot of benefits they can be used for various vehicles. If you need a multi applications speedometer then you must buy a wireless speedometer. I have listed some of the best wireless speedometers. You can select from those speedometers.

In the case of digital speedometers, you can get many benefits you can use the same wireless speedometer on your kid’s bike, on your trail bike, mountain bike, or desert bike even you can use the same speedometer on your motorcycle or on-road bike applications.

Various factors to consider

There are many factors that we have to take into consideration while purchasing a speedometer for our dirt bike. This guide will help you understand all the important factors that you need to keep in mind while making your purchase.

1- Purpose of Speedometer

The first and the most important factor to consider is the purpose of buying the speedometer. You need to understand whether you need it for racing purposes or you need it just to keep a track of your speed while riding. This will help you choose the right product according to your requirements.

2- Type of Display

Speedometers come in various types such as digital, analog, or a combination of both. The most common form of the speedometer is the analog one that provides you with an actual speed reading on a dial. However, this type can be hard to read for beginners and might not give you accurate readings in some cases.

3- Ease of Use

In addition to the display type, ease of usage is another important factor to consider when choosing your speedometer. Some of the features that you should look for are a backlight option, a large and clear display, and buttons that are easy to operate.

4- Durability

Another crucial factor to consider while making your purchase is durability. You want to make sure that your speedometer is built to last and can withstand the tough conditions of riding on dirt bikes. Consider looking for a product made from high-quality materials that offer good shock resistance and is also waterproof.

5- Price

Of course, price is also an important factor to consider. You can find speedometers at various price points, depending on the features and quality of the product. However, it is important to remember that the most expensive option is not always the best one. Consider your budget and choose a product that offers good value for money.

Comparison and My Personal Experience and Review

1- Trail Tech 202-111 Vs Trail Tech 752-112 Speedometers for Dirt Bike! Which One is Best?

I have personally tested and used both the Trail Tech 202-111 and 752-112 models and I can say that both are great options depending on your needs.

The 202-111 is a basic model that only measures speed. It’s great if you just want to keep track of how fast you’re going on the trails.

The 752-112 is a more advanced model that also measures distance and time. It’s great for longer rides where you want to keep track of your progress.

Both models are easy to install and use. I would recommend the 202-111 for basic speed tracking and the 752-112 for more advanced riders who want to track their distance and time.

2- SAMDO 6 Gear Universal Vs Universal Digital Speedometers for Dirt Bike! Which One is Best?

There are a few key differences between the SAMDO 6 Gear Universal speedometer and the Universal Digital speedometer. The first difference is in the way that they measure speed. The SAMDO 6 Gear Universal speedometer uses a mechanical cable to measure speed, while the Universal Digital speedometer uses an electronic sensor. This means that the SAMDO 6 Gear Universal speedometer is more accurate because it is not affected by things like tire size or wind resistance. The second difference is in the way that they display information.

The SAMDO 6 Gear Universal speedometer has a digital readout that displays information in MPH, while the Universal Digital speedometer has an analog gauge that can be set to display in either MPH or KPH. The third difference is in the price. The SAMDO 6 Gear Universal speedometer is more expensive than the Universal Digital speedometer.

The main advantage of the SAMDO 6 Gear Universal speedometer is its accuracy. This speedometer is not affected by factors like wind resistance or tire size, so it will always give you an accurate reading. The main disadvantage of the SAMDO 6 Gear Universal speedometer is its price. This speedometer is more expensive than the Universal Digital speedometer, so it may not be the best choice for everyone.

How does a dirt bike speedometer work?

How to install a dirt bike speedometer?

This can be the first thought that will come to our mind after getting the required speedometer for our dirt bike. It is really simple to install a dirt bike speedometer on our bike. For an easy understanding, I am embedding this quick tutorial to install a speedometer on your dirt bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Mount A Speedometer On A Dirt Bike?

Every speedometer comes out with a manual and some hardware to mount the speedometer onto the handles bar of your dirt bike.
Follow the steps below to mount a dirt bike speedometer:
  • Firstly locate the ground wires and the receptors.
  • Install the hardware onto the handlebars.
  • Now you have to wrap the receptor wire with the spark plug wire of your dirt bike.
  • Take the ground wire underneath the bolt head and tighten it.
  • Now start your dirt bike and check if the speedometer is working or not.

Hope it will be working fine after this simple installation.

What’s The Best Dirt Bike Speedometer?

Trail tech is the best brand speedometer. Trail Tech 752-112 Black Vapor Digital is one of the best speedometers in the market. It is a bit expensive but its premium features are the value for the money it costs.

Are Dirt Bike Speedometers Waterproof?

No, not all speedometers are waterproof, you should always check the individual speedometer to make sure that it is waterproof.

Which one is the best speedometer?

It is totally up to your requirement. If you want to know only the speed of your bike then you can use a mechanical speedometer for your bike. This is low cost and easy to read.
But if you want to know many new and advanced parameters of your bike by reading the speedometer then you must buy an electronic speedometer.
I have listed the 10 best speedometers for your dirt bike. Many of them are such kinds of speedometers that can be used on other vehicles too.
Normally there are two famous brands for the manufacturing of speedometers. One is ZHOUQINMEI and the second one is trail track. These two brands have manufactured the best speedometers at affordable prices. There are good reviews about these brands. But if you are an expert rider you must have an idea about these brands.
I would recommend these two as the best speedometers for your dirt bikes.
1. Trail Tech 202-111 Endurance II Digital Gauge Speedometer kit
2. Trail Tech 022-PDA Vapor/Vector/Striker Indicator Dashboard

Can you put a speedometer on a dirt bike?

Yes, of course, you can rather riders put the speedometer on their dirt bike. It helps them to manage their time by estimating the speed and distance traveled across the track or race. It is very helpful for the riders.

What is a good speed for a dirt bike?

A good speed for a dirt bike depends on the terrain. If you are riding in flat, open areas then around 40 mph is probably the best option. If you’re in more rugged terrain with lots of obstacles, like hills or trees for example, then 30-40 mph would be better as it will give you more control over your bike and make it easier to go up inclines without losing too much ground due to engine compression braking effect (which happens when going down an incline). And if it’s a very rocky/gravel surface or sand desert where there’s no motor vehicle traffic at all then 20 mph might be enough.

How much does it cost to put a speedometer on a dirt bike?

It depends on the bike.
A) If the bike is naked, there’s no frame to mount it to–so you’ll need an engine guard or some other way of protecting your engine while riding at high speeds.
B) You’ll also need something to measure distance with; this could be either an odometer or speedometer
C) The cost of installation will depend greatly upon whether or not you want any additional features like GPS navigation, Bluetooth capability, etc., and what kind of wiring system your motorcycle uses (most bikes use CAN bus).
D) And finally…EVERYTHING else that goes into putting such as instrumentation kit onto a dirtbike can run anywhere from $1000.

Are dirt bike speedometers accurate?

It depends on the model of the dirt bike speedometer. Some dirt bike speedometers are more accurate than others. Some models are designed to be more accurate for racing purposes, while others are designed for general use. So it really depends on the specific model of dirt bike speedometer in question.
Generally speaking, most dirt bike speedometers are fairly accurate and can be relied upon for general usage. However, if you are looking for a precise reading for racing purposes, then you may want to consider a model that is specifically designed for racing.

What is a good speedometer app?

The best dirt bike speedometer app is the Bike Computer Pro app. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it provides a variety of features that are perfect for dirt bike enthusiasts.
Some of the features that this app offers include real-time GPS tracking, speedometer calibration, track recording, and distance measurement. In addition to these features, Bike Computer Pro also provides a variety of customization options so that users can personalize their experience. This app is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a great dirt bike speedometer app.

Do speedometers show true speed?

Yes, but they don’t always show the true speed. The answer to this question depends on what you mean by “true.” True might be defined as realistic or accurate, two very different things. For example, an odometer shows your car’s actual distance driven, but it doesn’t necessarily tell you how fast you were going when driving down the highway at 75 mph – that would depend on whether your trip was 10 miles long or 20 miles long; there are just variables involved in converting kilometers per hour into miles per hour and vice versa (km/h → mph). But if we define “true” to simply mean consistent with reality then yes–speedometers work quite well for measuring ground speeds over relatively short distances because air resistance is also there.

Final Verdict

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The speedometer operates off a magnetic sensor attached to the brake caliper bracket or the fork. The gauge also measures air and engine temperature, and it is designed for bikes like the 230L.

You have to purchase this with a trail tech Vapor computer and install them on your dirt bike. The combination works and looks much better than the OEM instrument cluster.