12 Best Desert Dirt Bike Tire in 2023 (Enjoy Riding in Desert)

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The desert is included in soft terrain. Whenever you think to buy tires for your bike you must have knowledge about the terrain in which you are going to ride.

If your dirt bike tires and the terrain (desert, wood, mud & mountain) match then you can get long-lasting benefits from the same tires. Otherwise, you have to face problems like wearing of tire and sliding.

So spend some time to get an idea about your terrain and the best dirt bike tires according to your terrain. If you have to run your bike in the desert you have to focus on the traction power of tires. So, they can better excel at the wheel. 

Because if tires don’t have much traction power in the desert then you may be stuck in the sand. And the result is that you may lose the competition. In any case, I would like to suggest that whatever the tires you buy the best thing is to test them before going to any desert or other competition.

What desert dirt bike tire is the best? (Quick Guide)

We cannot say about any tire that is best for your bike until we are unaware of the terrain in which it is used. I have explained below about three different types of terrain. Now you can choose one of these tires on the basis of the Pros and cons I mentioned.

Normally I would recommend some of the best tires that can be used in any terrain. But if you want to purchase specific tires according to your terrain. You must spend some time reading the buyer’s guide to buying the dirt bike tires.

I personally recommend these three tires if you don’t know about the terrain and other specification that you should match with the terrain.

My Choice

Best Pick

Best Value

Bridgestone M204

Pirelli Scorpion XC

Maxxis M7304 Rear

Buyers Guide

Every person has his own opinion, according to my experience I have selected some of the best tires for desert riding. You may or may not agree to my selection. But I have selected these tires on my self-experience for desert riding.

If you have to run your bike across different terrain like mountains, mud, wood, and hard pack you may check other specific tires. Even you may select tires that will work for you in every terrain. But you have to compromise over some things.

Desert riding tires must have high traction power and cornering stability. These are the two main factors to select the best desert tires.

What are the factors to consider while purchasing a desert dirt bike tire?

Whenever you think about purchasing a tire for your dirt bike you must consider some of the important factors which help you to choose the best tires for your dirt bike.

These are the factors: terrain, grip, traction power, and longevity.

1- Traction Power

Traction power is the important factor to consider while purchasing desert dirt bike tires, tracking of dirt bike tires is purely dependent on the knobs of tires. Big knobby tires have more traction power and are more effective in desert riding. Traction is the resistance between the tire and the terrain.

2- Longevity/Durability

Longevity is the life of a tire, a good quality tire lasts longer. No one wants to purchase and put new tires every day so always take your time with full focus on the quality of the tire, selecting the masterpiece that best fits your dirt bike.

3- Size

Size is the most crucial thing to consider while purchasing a tire for a dirt bike. dirt bike tires come in different sizes and every dirt bike has its own sizes of rear and front tires. Whiling buying a tire from the online market must check the size of your rim and order a perfect sized tire for your dirt bike.

4- Price

Branded tires are high in price. Famous dirt bike tire brands are Pirelli, Dunlop, and Bridgestone. These three brands provide excellent quality tires and are a bit expensive due to their lifelong service. No doubt high price tires last longer.

10 Best Desert Dirt Bike Tire 2021

Here is the list of 10 Best Desert Dirt Bike Tires in 2021:

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1. Bridgestone M204 Motocross Rear Tire

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When we want the best tires for desert riding these tires to come first due to their amazing traction power. Due to high traction power, you don’t have to face stuck problems in the desert sand. They work best in sand dunes.

Bridgestone is a well-known and branded tire. If you talk to your friends who have used this brand they can better explain the long-lasting and its traction power.

Even if you are Rough Rider these tires will withstand all the stresses. Its unique designed knobs increase its traction power in comparison to others. This is the design that has the ability to excel the wheel even in shallow desert sands. Readout how to ride a dirt bike in sand dunes.

The one problem with these tires is that it does not fit on all desert bikes. You must confirm your size and other specification before selecting this one.

Its extra wide block spacing makes it give much better performance in the desert. Improved slide control saves you from any kind of injury.

Increased base angle enhances its stability and durability. These days four stroke bikes are coming which need the best and long lasting tires, so, this selection for your four-stroke bike would going to be amazing.

Its 90mm section width does not allow it to struck in sand desert. Moreover, its aspect ratio is 100. This is the advanced featured super cool tire for desert riding.

thumbs up regular


  • High traction power
  • Large knobs
  • Improved grip and stability
  • Durable
  • Increased base angle
  • 52 load index rating
  • 7.6 pounds weighted

thumbs down regular


  • Not for all bike
  • Not suitable for hard pack terrain

2. Bridgestone M22 Motocross Rear Tire

81yK5liIsFL. AC SL1500

This selection is going to be amazing. The list of 5 super cool tires includes well known brand Bridgestone M22.

Even though this tire is stated as the rear tire but you can use it as front it is going to be Goldwing. It is one of the recently produced advances and great tires. It will give you a long mileage for desert riding. Its tread design is great for desert riders.

On the basis of different person’s opinions, its average mileage was 50k miles recorded. As a dirt bike ride, you know that this mileage is considered a long mileage for the desert bike. While this isn’t an official Sport Touring tire I find its performance in corners to be comparable to Pirelli Angel GT’s while lasting quite a bit longer.

This Bridgestone rear tire is, without a doubt the best front tire for my Goldwing, Champion trike conversion I have “ever” purchased. Very stable in high winds and wet conditions. Soft smooth ride, very little “tracking” on grooved roads.  Recommended at reverse rotation, Dyna beads and inflated to 41 psi. These come with 7mm of the tread. 

It improves low speed handling and cornering so much. The bike now transitions from upright to leaned over much more smoothly and with more control.
I just don’t know if the dealer will change from the manufacturer’s recommended tire size to the next width smaller when replacing your tires at the shop. I changed the tire myself at home. I didn’t feel the need for high speed balancing on a tire that usually isn’t exceeding 60 mph.

thumbs up regular


  • Good mileage in desert
  • Better traction in sand
  • Stronger knobs
  • Well-known brand
  • 6 pounds weighted
  • 80mm section with
  • 43 load index rating
  • Unique casing design
  • Max. cornering grip

thumbs down regular


  • Max. speed rating is 106 Mph
  • Section width is smaller
  • May not fit on all desert dirt bikes

3. Kenda K270 Dual Sport Trail Tire

61HJ01s0h1L. AC SL1200

Although this name is pointing towards trail riding due to its some features I included it in the list of desert bike tires. These features make it able to work in both desert and trail riding. It is designed for high-performance, dual-purpose dirt bikes.

It is made up of a new special rubber compound. Which provides it more traction in desert and trails. This material enhances its power to excel the wheel in shallow sands and muddy trails.

Its cornering design prevents it from sliding in slippery areas. And due to rubber compound material, it grips stronger to the ground even in the wet and dry desert.

One more amazing thing about this unique tire is that you can use it on hard pack terrain without compromising the wear.

Its knobs are longer and designed to have a stronger grip in soft terrain and save your dirt bike from sliding. Mostly in desert and trail riding the sliding is the main problem that we encounter. But its unique design, rubber compound material & cornering stability saves it from sliding.

The knobs are designed at different angles and advanced patterns for better performance in desert and trail ridings. It almost fit on all dirt bikes. You can get the list of bikes. While checking its price. But let me tell you one thing that like some other tires you cannot use this for the front tire. Because Kenda has designed this tire for the rear wheel and it performs well in the rear wheel.

The other tires look similar in the tread, but their rubber is very hard and the sidewalls are extremely stiff. That makes it stable on the highway, but a little bit slippery in rain, very, very loud and causes more vibration.

The Kenda, on other hand, has very soft rubber and is very quiet on the road for an aggressive tire. It feels as smooth as a street tire and causes no vibration. The traction is good (does not break loose) but the rear wiggles a lot and when cornering at modest speed sort of feels loose.

I ride a lot in the dirt so that does not bother me and sort of feels fun, but maybe frightening if you only ride street or are a new rider.

Off roar this in an excellent tire on anything – even deep mud, but I live in the NC sandhills desert and even the mud has a lot of sand in it and slings out of the tread with a little gas. The treads are deep and closer together than a full knobby so it might be a problem in gooey sticky mud, but I do not have that here.

The only real problem with this tire for me is that at 70 mph and above the tire is not stiff enough side to side to keep the back end tracking straight. 

thumbs up regular


  • High performance for dual purpose bikes
  • Special rubber compound
  • Extra off road grip
  • Section width 5.18 inches
  • Load index rating
  • 73 load indexing rate

thumbs down regular


  • 15.1pounds weighted
  • Bead shattered during install

4. Shinko 520 Series Rear Tire 

61OrpMPLzvL. AC SL1200

This Shinko 520 series rear tire is considered a good tire for intermediate to hard terrain. So, it is the 4th best tire on my list to ride in the desert. Its design is very cool for dessert riding. Its pattern is very simple and designed for super traction desert riding.

Due to its super traction design, you don’t face any kind of trouble in desert riding. Sand tries to slip the tires and may cause to slip the bike or the rider have to face problems. But with its super traction design, it gives extra grip and traction power.

Its corner knobs lines are designed to have a strong grip on hard terrain. While cornering there is a line of knobs on the tire which helps it to strongly grip the terrain. Even in desert, you can get this benefit from the tire.

The advanced design pattern of knobs in the centerline of the tire provides these tires with more traction power. Which makes it run fast and more quickly in off road rides. Like in desert, trail, and woods.

Although we can’t compare the quality of this tire with the Bridgestone and Tenda mentioned above but still it is considered best among other tires in the market.

If you are thinking to replace your desert bike tires on your old bike then this would be the best selection of tires for that bike.

Its width makes it unique for desert and on road riding. Because large width tires help you in the desert to have a good ride and at the same time provide you a comfortable on road ride.

The reinforced knobs resist tearing and chunking.

thumbs up regular


  • Permitted rim size
  • Maximum tire width
  • Very low Knob edge wear
  • Long life tire
  • High carbon compound tire
  • Strong grip and traction power in desert

thumbs down regular


  • 30 pounds weighted
  • Not for Highway
  • For hard terrain may wear fast

5. Kenda K760 Dual/Enduro Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire

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Kenda is a well-known brand for Dirt bike tires. As we are selecting the tire for desert riding. So, our focus is on traction power and the design of knobs while selecting tires for desert riding.

Kenda 760 tires have tall aggressive knobs. These tall aggressive knobs provide us a huge traction power in the desert. Although these tires are designed for varying terrain but this is going to be long lasting for desert applications.

It is one of the best DOT approved tires in the market. But the thing I dislike about these tires is that they provide us 90% dirt applications and only 10% road applications. If a buyer wants to use a dirt bike tire for both desert and road applications, then he is going to be disappointed.

The material of the tire is a durable compound that increases its tread life and makes these tires long lasting for the desert ride.

The design of the tire is very classic and all the knobs are aligned in the same pattern. After using in desert and mud these tires are easily washable. It can be the best choice for kids and those who are beginners.

As I mentioned above about the design of the tires which is super cool but at an affordable price­ which makes it attractive for every dirt lover.

When we got the best tire for your dirt bike then normally we face the very common problem. That is the size does not matches to your dirt bike. Here this tire is available in various sizes. You can choose the tire according to your requirement.

thumbs up regular


  • Tall aggressive knobs
  • Designed for varying terrain
  • DOT approved
  • (90%/10% dirt/road application)
  • Durable compound for extended tread life
  • Classic design
  • Affordable price
  • Tube type
  • Various sizes available
  • Dual sport knoby

thumbs down regular


  • 10% road applications
  • Very simple design
  • Not suitable for Roads

6. Maxxis M7304 Rear 110/90-19

If you are an experienced dirt bike rider you must know about the unique specifications of this tire that distinguishes it from other tires. Super advance traction of these tires makes them special. It provides super traction in desert, dirt, and mud.

This is the top rated best tire with fast shipping. Now let us talk about its material and some other specifications that make it super cool.

Unique knobs design provides its strong traction in different terrain along with great handling in a variety of conditions.

It is made up of advanced compound rubber that enhances its straight-line traction to a great extent.

Reinforce sidewall provides extraordinary stability and torque wrenching performance. While cornering this helps a lot to remain stable. On the other hand, if the tire does not provide stability then it may cause slip and other problems.

The weight of the tire is also light 12.7 pounds. You can use these tires for your kid’s bikes too.

Knobby placement on this tire is appreciable & you can ride over anything by using these tires. This thing adds more value to the specifications of the tire.

No doubt the wearing is the problem of every tire but the advanced rubber compound material saves it from wearing. And provides you a long lasting riding. Wearing chances may occur in crabs, mountain, wood, and hard pack terrain ridings. But in the case of desert riding these tires will not wear.

Even it can bear a lot of stresses and external conditions in rocky terrain but after some limit, it starts wearing in rocky areas. 

Its tread life is very long according to the best riders experience even after 20 races the treads of these tires are safe.

thumbs up regular


  • 90 tire aspect ratio
  • Enhanced straight line traction
  • Unique knob design
  • Excellent torque wrenching performance
  • Long treads life
  • Long lasting tires
  • Advance rubber material
  • Various sizes are available

thumbs down regular


  • Not best for rocky terrain

7. DUNLOP D606 Rear Tire

713j5q0mrdL. AC SL1200

Dunlop is a little bit expensive but a giant tire. It is a street legal tire with aggressive off-riding and super longevity. This giant sized tire can be used in any kind of on or off riding.

It is designed to bear aggressive stresses you can use these tires in mountains, rails, muds, rocky areas, and deserts. As it is capable of withstanding the aggressive ridings of rocky areas. In the desert, it can give you a long lasting riding.

Its full depth tread pattern is specially designed for rigorous off ridings. Its design provides excellent traction in any kind of terrain. It has excellent traction from hard to soft tracks.

Its material of treads is engineered for off road and on road application. This is the best dirt bike tire for those who want to use the same and better quality tire for every riding. Moreover, it is legal for street riding. You can use this tire on highways. It is DOT approved dirt bike tire.

When you these tires in the desert they provide strong traction. And its large section width provides it better cornering stability.

The knobs pattern of the tires is very nice, organized & spaced which does not allow mud to stick in tires. Tall knobs allow the air to pass across the tire which decreases its temperature and indirectly increases its life by decreasing the friction force.

You cannot use this tire on the front wheels. For desert ridding I think this tire is going to be a long time with you because its tread material is very advanced engineered. Even on hard pack terrain, it does not have any kind of impact on it.

thumbs up regular


  • Street-legal
  • Aggressive off-road riding
  • Great longevity.
  • A full-depth tread pattern
  • Designed for rigorous off-road
  • Excellent traction on everything
  • Tread compound is engineered for good highway wear and grip.

thumbs down regular


  • Weighted
  • Expensive
  • Larger section width
  • Only rear tire applications

8. Irc 87-5405 Tire Ix-Kids Rear 

61ln2qBMtmL. AC SL1500

These exceptional design threaded tires are used for kid’s bikes. It has a unique threaded design which makes it different from other tires. The tall and strong threads make this tire a superior traction tire. You can use this tire in varying tracks due to its good traction power.

New generation rubber is used for these tires. Which make these tire long lasting and increases its durability and enhances its grip with the track.

These tires are a good choice for off riding but they will not work properly in the hard pack terrain where they may wear and you have to face problems.

For your kid bike, it is a better choice, because its taller and stronger knobs provide great traction and stability. Your kid can use these tires in the desert, mud, and other soft terrains. The best thing to use these tires for a kid’s bike is that due to their tall knobs they can be cleaned easily.

Its side knobs provide good cornering stability. Moreover, these increase its performance in soft terrain.

It is only 4.7 pounds. These light weighted tires are best for your kid bike. Its section width is 80mm. In the desert and soft terrain, these are the best tires for your dirt bike. Its traction power makes these tires more important. The grip of the tires is enhanced due to the new generation rubber material.

It can be used for wood and trail riding. In trail riding its knobs provide great stability and in trails your will not face any kind of sliding due to its taller and aggressive knobs.

You should avoid these tires to use in hard terrain although it has good quality rubber, strong grip, and greater traction, but on hard terrain, it starts wearing knobs. Which decreases the tire’s life.

But for kids riding it is the safest tire because in the case of kids we have to focus on the safety of kids instead of wearing life or anything else.

So this is the better choice for a kid’s bike.

thumbs up regular


  • Stronger grip
  • Light weighed 4.7 pounds
  • Cleans easily
  • Enhanced stability
  • Good quality rubber

thumbs down regular


  • Not for hard terrain
  • Wearing on hard terrain
  • Section width is smaller
  • Not for aggressive riders

9. Bridgestone M203 Motocross Front Tire

The Bridgestone is a good brand for making tires. The M203 motocross front tire that they manufacture is a special tire. New and advanced technology for soft and intermediate terrain. This tire has a strong grip and more traction power.

You can use this tire in deserts, muds, and other trail riding applications. It has a broad range of soft and terrain applications. Its improved grip enhances the stability of the tires. Due to its large traction power, it is propelled much faster.

It is compatible with the advanced machines of today’s bikes. Its enhanced grip and strong stability increase its braking ability.

If you have to use this dirt bike tire for soft and intermediate terrain applications then this tire would be a good selection.

thumbs up regular


  • Broad range terrain applications
  • New design tires
  • Improved grip
  • Enhanced stability
  • Large traction
  • Section width 70mm
  • Increased braking power

thumbs down regular


  • Only for front wheel applications
  • Does not good for hard pack terrain
  • Expensive

10. Sedona MX887IT Hard/Intermediate Tire

51l %2BgYhb0L. AC SL1000

Rigid four-ply Sedona tires are considered good tires for hard and intermediate terrain. Although you can use these tires for off road and soft terrain application but the manufacturers have designed for hard pack terrain.

They have giant size taller knobs which increase the stability of the tires and provide better traction power. The design of the knobs is designed to bear the external stresses and work in hard terrain. It gives maximum grip.

The design of the tires provides cornering stability. The symmetrical design of the tires allows equal traction on both sides of the tires.

A reversible tread pattern increases the traction power of the tire and its ability to propel the tire much faster. Its extreme angles also make them superior. The price of the tires is also bearable.

thumbs up regular


  • Rigid 4ply carcass design
  • reduced sidewall flex
  • Works well in intermediate to hard terrain
  • Side knobs offer superior grip at extreme angles
  • Reversible tread pattern
  • symmetrical knob design
  • equal traction in both directions

thumbs down regular


  • 14.35 weighted
  • Loam and sand may stick to the tire
  • Expensive
  • Aspect ratio 90

11. Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT M7304D

71c+rqGDj3L. AC SL1200

The Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT is a versatile and high-performance off-road tire that is ideal for a wide range of riding conditions. The tire features a deep tread pattern that provides excellent grip in both mud and sand, and the carcass is designed to resist punctures. The tire also features a reinforced sidewall that protects against abrasion, and the Beadlock-compatible rim design ensures a secure fit on your wheels. Overall, the Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT is an excellent choice for riders who demand the best in off-road performance.

The Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT M7304D is a high-performance off-road tire that is designed for riders who demand the best. The tire features a deep lug pattern that provides excellent traction in the most challenging conditions, and the extra-wide footprint helps to keep the bike stable at high speeds. The tire also has a reinforced sidewall that protects against punctures, and the tough rubber compound resists wear and tear. Overall, the Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT M7304D is an excellent choice for riders who need a tire that can handle anything the trail throws their way.

thumbs up regular


  • Deep tread pattern provides excellent traction in mud and sand.
  • Reinforced sidewall protects against punctures and abrasion.
  • Tough rubber compound resists wear and tear.

thumbs down regular


  • Can be expensive compared to other dirt bike tires on the market.

12. FVRITO 2.50X10 Knobby Tyre 

61E+tUflLHL. AC SX425

The FVRITO 2.50X10 Knobby Tyre Off-Road Pit Bike is an excellent choice for those looking for a quality tire that won’t break the bank. The FVRITO 2.50X10 is a great all-around tire that performs well in both mud and sand. The tire also includes an inner tube, making it a great value for the price. The FVRITO 2.50X10 is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality tire at a great price.

The knobby tread pattern provides great traction in all types of terrain, and the durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. The FVRITO 2.50X10 Knobby Tyre 2.50-10 Tire And Inner Tube for XR50 CRF50 CR60R MX500 MX650 SX500 Dirt Rocket QG-210 MVX70 MVX110 Baja DR49 Tao db10 PW50 YZinger TTR5 KDX5 DR-Z70 JR0 Off-Road Pit Bike comes highly recommended and is sure to provide riders with the grip and control they need to enjoy their time on the trails.

thumbs up regular


  • Great all-around tire that performs well in mud and sand.
  • Includes an inner tube.
  • Affordable price.

thumbs down regular


  • Tread pattern may not provide enough grip for some riders.

Different Types of Tires

The terrain is an important factor to choose the best dirt bike tires that can go a long time with you. The terrain is basically the nature of the track or the place where you have to ride the bike. There are three types of terrain that we consider. Soft terrain, Intermediate terrain, and Hard terrain.

1. Soft Terrain Tire

In soft terrain, the muddy, desert, loam & dirt are included. For soft terrain, you have to focus on the traction power of the tires so that you can enjoy a better ride. The second thing you must consider is the section width of the tire if the section width of the tire is larger then, it will provide you larger traction on the other hand if the section width of the tire is comparatively low you have to face less traction power.

In soft terrain tires, the spacing of the knobs is kept maximum in comparison to other tires this extra spacing helps in propelling the tire more quickly. And the mud, sand, and loam do not stick to the tire due to the wide spacing between the knobs. Soft terrain tires are usually made up of relatively hard rubber.

2. Intermediate Terrain Tire

The terrain between the soft and hard terrain is known as the intermediate terrain. In intermediate terrain, the spacing between the knobs is comparatively low to the soft terrain tires. Because the intermediate terrain does not stick to the tires like soft terrain. So, there is no need to keep the wide spacing between the knobs of the tires.

3. Hard Terrain Tire

Hard terrain as the name gives us an idea that it must be hard and need some aggressive tires to ride in hard terrain. Hard terrain involves mountains, woods, trail riding, and other crabs. The material of the tires for hard terrain is normally more durable and long-lasting. Due to aggressive use, the knobs of the tires are designed strongly. They are capable to bear large stress and shear forces.


Some Faqs!

What is the recommended tire pressure for a dirt bike?

Normally the pressure range between 6 psi to 18 psi is given for the dirt bikes. But the specific digit that most of the well-known riders recommend is 12psi. This is the pressure that you should use for any kind of normal riding on your dirt bike.

Should I replace both bike tires at the same time?

The answer is very straight forward “NO”. Because it is very simple that if your head is paining then you will take a tablet that will relieve your head pain you will not take cough syrup instead of it. So, if your front tire is in bad condition then you must consider replacing the front tire. On the other hand, if the rear tire is going down you must replace the rear tire.

How much does it cost to change a dirt bike tire?

It is totally up to your requirements and a selection of tires different tires are available in the market. Their prices vary from 30$ to 100$. Normally the average cost to change a dirt bike tire is 40$. In fifty dollars you can replace your old tire with the new one.
Remember that the cost of the dirt bike tires for kid’s bikes is relatively low. It ranges between 14$ – 80$.

How long do dirt bike tires last on road?

Normally a dirt bike tire should last for at least 3 years. But it totally depends upon the mileage of the tire. Moreover, it also depends upon the aggressive level of your driving. If you perform much mileage and highly aggressive driving then your tire may start wearing more quickly.
So, the better answer to this query is that you should make a habit to examine your dirt bike tire after every 3 to 4 ridings. In this way, you will be aware of the tire when it will start wearing and you may think about replacing it.

How many years do dirt bike tires last?

When it comes to dirt bike tires, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The lifespan of a tire depends on a number of factors, including the type of terrain you ride on, the frequency of use, and the level of care you take in maintaining your tires. Generally speaking, however, most dirt bike tires will last for several hundred hours of riding before they need to be replaced. If you ride on rough terrain or abuse your tires in other ways, you may need to replace them more frequently. And if you take good care of your tires, you may be able to get even more mileage out of them. Ultimately, the best way to determine how often to replace your dirt bike tires is to inspect them regularly and replace them when they show signs of wear. By following this simple maintenance schedule, you can help ensure that your tires always perform at their best.

Are mud tires good in sand?

In general, mud tires are not ideal for use in sand. Compared to regular off-road tires, mud tires tend to be much more aggressive and have larger surfaces that come into contact with the ground. As a result, they are more likely to dig into the loose sand and get stuck, making riding difficult and potentially dangerous. However, there are some situations in which using mud tires in sand might be a good choice. For example, if you encounter soft or loose sand while racing or performing tricks in an area where it might not be possible or safe to fall off the bike, then mud tires may be an effective way to navigate safely around these obstacles. Ultimately, whether or not mud tires are a good option depends on a variety of factors such as terrain type and rider skill level. So if you’re looking for the best possible performance in sandy conditions, it may be better to stick with traditional off-road tires instead.

Changing the Tire ~ The easy way



If you have to ride across soft terrain then you have to focus on the wide spacing between knobs of the tires, more traction power, and larger section width.

For intermediate terrain, you can use the tires of hard terrain or soft terrain. You can use any better traction tire for intermediate terrain.

In the case of hard terrain, you must select more durable, aggressive knobs tires, with great traction. The knobs should be stronger and close together. The material of the tire should be extremely durable.