Fasthouse Hawkins Nest Video Released

Check out the latest Fasthouse video “Hawkins Nest,” profiling rising star Talon Hawkins. The 14-year-old absolutely loves to shred on his dirt bike.

Talon Hawkins is one of the newest members of Fasthouse’s talented crew of riders.

Talon Hawkins appears in the latest Fasthouse video, Hawkins Nest. PHOTOS BY MAX MANDELL.

The lifestyle and clothing company says that the 14-year-old California native is a perfect fit for what it is all about. Not only does he absolutely rip on a motocross track, but he and his family also love to keep it fun, traveling to all the big motocross races, as well as some random off-road events, says Fasthouse.


Filmmaker Brendan Lutes has produced the following video, profiling this young star as he plays around at his family training ground, located in his own backyard. Hawkins said he remembers his first experience on a dirt bike.

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“My dad got me my first bike on my second birthday,” Hawkins said. “It was a JR50 and I’ve been riding ever since. He trained me with a little tie strap that he tied around the pipe to lead me around. I just rode off and it was super cool.”

Since then, Talon hasn’t stopped twisting the throttle, says Fasthouse. He may be just a teenager, but he knows the reason he swings a leg over a dirt bike.


“You have to take it seriously, but you also have to find that fine line of keeping it fun while also being serious about it,” Hawkins said. “I don’t want that spark to go out, because I love moto.”

With that adult perspective on riding and racing, Fasthouse expects him to do just that in 2018 and well into the future. Check out the Hawkins Nest video above. For information on Fasthouse, visit