Bell Helmets’ FLEX Technology – Progressive Protection for your Melon

Protecting your melon while riding a motorcycle should be one of your top priorities, next to not crashing. Since we know many of our readers ride on the street as well, Bell Helmets’ Flex technology is found not only on its off-road helmets but its street lids, too, and the Flex technology is designed to minimize potential damage from rotational forces during a spill. Check out Bell’s informative video below that outlines how it all works on the Bell Moto-9 Flex.

Bell Moto-9 Flex Bell Moto 9 Flex

Four years ago, Bell unveiled a state-of-the-art technology so profound it created a paradigm shift in the way companies approach helmet technology. Bell’s engineering team sat down to develop a solution that would effectively address all forms and speeds of impact, and thus FLEX was born. Despite being introduced to the industry nearly 4 years ago, Bell Helmets’ FLEX technology still stands as the benchmark of head protection technology in the helmet industry. FLEX continues to outperform anything developed by the competition with its exclusive “progressive layering” technology, protecting riders against low-, mid-, and high-speed impacts. Bell’s continued dominance over the last 4 years is why it has been the leader in head protection products and the go-to helmets for riders such as 2017 450MX champion Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb.

The informative video below explains the technology that offers a short an easy to way to learn more about how it works and why it has been such an important development in the industry.