Kailub Russell Goes Out a Champ

Kailub Russell has had an impressive run in the world of off-road racing. 

Kailub Russell

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Kailub Russell Goes Out a Champ

Rancho Cucamonga: Champions dream of retiring on top, but few pull it off. Kailub Russell is an exception. The KTM factory rider won nine races this year to win his eighth consecutive Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) title, and called it a career.

A longtime Dunlop rider, Russell has had a storied off-road career; two-time ISDE gold medalist; two-time Full Gas Sprint Enduro Pro Champion; AMA National Enduro Champion; record-setting GNCC racer who amassed 67 premier class wins en route to eight championships.

One of the secrets to Russell’s success is his tire combination, one he rarely changes despite the huge variety of gnarly terrain and conditions encountered in GNCC racing. Up front, he normally runs the Geomax® MX33, and in back a Geomax AT81™—the same tires available to the public.

“The MX33 front gives me control and the feeling I’m looking for in every type of terrain we come across,” says Russell. “And the AT81 is a great all-around tire for the variety of different surfaces of dirt we find during a race. Most races always have some soft terrain along with very slippery hard pack and this tire allows me to find the most traction the track has to offer. There’s an advantage in knowing you have the best tires on the track no matter what the terrain. That gives me the most comfort and confidence in my line choices.”

“Kailub Russell is one of the greatest off-road riders in history, and it’s great to see him finish his long and decorated career as a champion,” said Mike Buckley, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing. “Big congratulations to Kailub from all his friends and fans at Dunlop.”

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