DirtBikes.com’s DirtBike Tires Buyer’s Guide

Here are 10 companies who manufacture a wide variety of dirtbike tires to fit just about any dirtbike rider’s budget. What brand do you use?

For some riders, dirtbike tires are nothing more than an air-holding conveyance, while others are extremely geeky about such features as tread design and carcass construction when making a tire brand/model choice.

dirtbike tires
Tires can make a difference in how your bike performs on the track. Here are 10 companies that offer a myriad of choices when it’s time replace your worn treaeds.

Likewise, some riders can go fast on the cheapest dirtbike tires while others will lack confidence unless they’re on the latest and greatest, computer-designed treads.

The tire companies are well aware of this, and while many of the most recognized brands in the motorcycle industry spend millions of dollars in R&D and racing to prove their designs, they offer a variety of models to fit most budgets. And there are plenty of other companies who take advantage of global manufacturing to produce very competent dirtbike tires in the lower price categories.

So, just because, we decided to build this list of 10 tire companies worth researching when it comes time to replace the worn out hoops on your favorite ride. Many of them are well renowned, and some may be all but forgotten at times, but most of them produce dirtbike tires that should suit your needs regardless of your favorite type of riding. Check them out, and if one brand or model appeals to you, visit the attached links for more information on each manufacturer’s complete lineup.


dirtbike tires
Sedona MX887IT

Sedona isn’t one of the first name to roll off someone’s tongue when it’s time to talk dirtbike tires, but that could change. The company has only been around since 2008, but it has already begun to make inroads to the market thanks to large volume retailers such as Motorcycle Superstore and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, mostly on the strength of its ATV and UTV tires. According to the company website, Sedona works with one of the largest automotive tire factories in the world to produce its products.

Sedona currently offers three dirtbike tire models and one sand tire for the dunes crowd. The Sedona MX887IT is designed to work best on intermediate to hard terrain. The MX880ST features an intermediate/soft terrain compound and a more open tread that is more for sand and mud, and the MX907HP features a hard-pack terrain compound and a cross-patch tread for better traction on hard-packed and blue-grooved tracks. A cross-patch tread design provides a larger contact patch that maximizes both in-line and cornering traction. All three feature four-ply carcass construction.

The Sedona Dunatik is a lightweight, two-ply, sand-only tire that is claimed to offer good performance for dune riding.