VIN Filings Reveal New GasGas Enduro Models for 2024

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GasGas, under the ownership of Pierer Mobility, is gearing up to introduce their new line of street legal enduro motorcycles for 2024. Drawing inspiration from KTM and Husqvarna, GasGas has been known to release motorcycles that share similarities with their sister brands. The latest revelation comes from recently filed vehicle identification number (VIN) data submitted to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which confirms the arrival of GasGas’ street legal enduro models. The VIN filings indicate that the 2024 GasGas motorcycles will bear the “GC” letter combination in the fourth and fifth digits of their VIN codes, signaling their association with the EXC-F street legal enduro range.

While specific engine displacements are not explicitly mentioned in the filings, it is reasonable to expect both 350cc and 500cc versions. GasGas currently offers the off-road-only EC 350F enduro model, but the street legal counterparts will sport new names. Potential monikers could be ES 350 and ES 500, where “ES” stands for “Enduro Street.” However, GasGas might also take a different naming approach.

Anticipated to be closely aligned with their Austrian and Swedish-branded counterparts, the GasGas models are likely to have minor differences while offering a more affordable price point. KTM’s 500 EXC-F is priced at $12,549, with the 350 EXC-F at $12,149. Similarly, Husqvarna’s FE 501s is listed at $12,649, and the FE 350s at $12,249. Given the minimal price variation among the brands, it is expected that GasGas’ street legal enduro models will be priced closer to the $12,000 mark, providing an attractive option for riders seeking a capable and budget-friendly off-road experience.