Yamaha Introduces its Free Yamaha Power Tuner Smartphone App

Technology, technology, technology – even our dirtbikes will have WiFi in 2019.

Yamaha Power Tuner Smartphone App

We all enjoy motorcycling for a variety of reasons, and one of those reasons is to get away from it all, and that includes our precious cellphones, which unfortunately we’ve become glued to. On the flip side, cellphones are an incredible tool that have made our lives exponentially more convenient, and Yamaha has just announced its Yamaha Power Tuner Smartphone App. The free app lets you do a number of things including mapping your fueling, ignition timing, recording lap times, service intervals and a variety of other things. Watch the video below for more info.


June 11, 2018 – The free Yamaha Power Tuner Smartphone app, putting the flexibility and precision tunability of the Power Tuner into your smartphone. Make fueling and ignition timing changes instantly and upload them to your Yamaha bike via the onboard WiFi system for the ultimate in track-side tuning. Yamaha Power Tuner Smartphone App now available at Google Play and the App Store.

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